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John Masters Organics new hot item line Lip Calm
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John Masters Organics new hot item line Lip Calm


John Masters Organics new hot item line Lip Calm

100% organics comfortingly smoothen lips 5-hour-lasting moisture! 3 new flavours of a hot item line Lip Calm

Lip Calm, a very popular item since its debut in 2007 among wide range of age groups regardless of male and female, adds 3 new flavors, vanilla, peppermint and raspberry to the line. It gives a pleasure of choosing flavors to day-to-day humour. Lip Calm is made from ingredients such as beeswax and vegetable oils formulated with exquisitely-balanced combination. It smoothens lips nimbly as melt with body temperature, makes moisturized sheer coating on lips and keeps moisture for 5* hours. Borage oil and linseed oil are effective for dryness and chaps and soften pout plumply. Lip Calm is a lip balm stick with treating effects made from certified 100% organic ingredients with rich aromatic scents to enjoy. * Company's own exams

Features and Benefits 

1. ​Moisture lasts 5 hours with smooth and melting-soft texture

The product is made from 7 ingredients with highly-moisturizing effects, including beeswaz, jojoba seed iul and linseed oil, formulated with exquisitely-balanced combination. It makes soft smooth sheer coating, sticking onto lip surface by melting with body temperature, and preventing troubles with dryness of lips which have no sebaceous glands. It also treats stratum corneum and that provides rich moisture and radiance shine.

2. Carefully-selected botanical ingredients for effective lip care of troubles with dryness and many others

Ingredinets such as jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil stay on lips, and make a layer retaining long-lasting moisture that allows percolating gradually into lip skin, as structural components of the ingredients are close to human sebum. Natural vitamins and other beautifying components in olive fruit oil make a difference in highly effective skincare for troubles with chaps, peel-offs and cracks.

Borage oil and linseed oil prevent dryness, keep lips soft and give transparent tones and radiance to lips, often being with dullness.

3. U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) certificate for food safely obtained

100% organic lip balm, obtained an organics certificate that the U.S. Department of Agriculture mostly awards to foods and food ingredients clearing their safely guidelines. Safe and reliable products for care, as lip skin structure is close to mucous mucosae and percutaneous absorption is well and easy down to lips. Also available for infant use by all means.