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Karuna Melting Boost


Karuna Melting Boost

Karuna Debuts Newest Innovation in Sheet Mask Technology

Karuna, known for its effective "Mask + Serum = Results" sheet masks, is launching the newest innovation in sheet mask skincare - Karuna Melting Boosts. The first step to a two-part system, Melting Boosts are designed to intensify sheet mask results by treating trouble areas on the face, hands, feet and under the eyes. 

The Melting Boost Collection includes three targeted formulas - Correct+ Melting Boost, Spot+ Melting Boost and Under Eye+ Melting Boost. The Melting Boosts feature dots and stripes that work under Karuna Face Mask to intensify results for areas that need special attention.

The Melting Boosts feature a breakthrough technology that bakes scientifically formulated ingredients into a film to lock in powerful nutrients and freshness. The continuous delivery of Karuna's Sheet Mask serum penetrates and dissolves the Melting Boost into the skin, creating a more precise and intense treatment for trouble areas. 


Mask + Melting Boost = Results x 2

Karuna Melting Boosts let you double-down on your sheet mask skincare regimen, delivering powerful results for the most common treatment concerns:

Correct+ Melting Boost: Target treats the appearance of age spots and sun spots

Spot+ Melting Boost: Helps remove dirt that can block pores and trigger breakouts

Under Eye+ Melting Boost: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles