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Advanced Hydra Lifting Mask

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Advanced Hydra Lifting Mask benefits of hyaluronic acid, powerful natural moisturizer, prevents age marks, makes the skin silky, smooth and anti-oxidant.

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The Hydra Lifting Mask based upon Hyaluronic Acid is the backbone of a skin lifting face treatment delivering spectacular results.

The Paul Niehans Hydra Lifting mask is made of a combination of long and short chains of hyaluronic acid:

  • By applying the product on the skin, the short chains penetrate the skin by the pores and get stabilized in the epidermis.
  • The long chains remain at the surface of the skin and seal the pores thus provoking a vertical water migration from the derma to the epidermis.

Having reached the epidermis, the hydration gets sequestrated by the short chained hyaluronic acid species. As a result, the skin gets smooth again and wrinkles disappear visibly.

This striking effect lingers on for several days.

70% hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is obtained through biochemical fermentation.
Not being an animal extract, it does not generate any risk of skin allergy.

Imudilin : Restore the immune defense and stimulate cell metabolism

Apply the mask directly on a properly cleansed and dry skin. 

Gently massage the skin to help penetrate the product and leave 20-30 minutes for a maximum effect.

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