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Not Just A

Anion Mineral - Konjac Face Sponge

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A luxury sponge for dehydrated skin
Strengthen Skin Immunity - Not.Just.A* Konjac sponge infused with natural tourmaline powder. This mineral rich ingredient restores skin cells, enhances the immune system and improves defense mechanism.
Anti-pollution - ANION derived from mineral rich tourmaline forms a protective film on the surface while rejuvenating gloomy skin.
This magical property harmonizes the water, giving you the most desired environment for cleansing.

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Our Konjac facial sponge with bamboo charcoal has the added benefit of a super activated carbon 'carbo activatus' which offers a powerful and highly absorptive cleansing experience - deep, deep, deep! Providing that extra oomph to help soak up excessive oil and dirt, without drying the skin out - BAM! Say bye bye to blackheads and whiteheads, too. This is great for the guys (and gals) who want a real grease and oil change before hitting the town. 


We love it because it's: 

Great for the fussiest skin!
100% Earth & Skin Friendly
pH Balanced
No Chemical Nasties - Free of any Parabens, SLS, Fragrance
Vegan friendly
NewDry = (D) 65 mm x (H) 25 mm, Weight = 7 gram

1. Put Not Just A sponge into the water, re-pressing
2. Not Just A sponge will become bigger after absorbing enough amount of water, becoming very soft just like Souffle, massage the skin directly using the sponge (without using any cleanser / Body Wash).

Tips: Semi-wet the Not Just A sponge and use it as an exfoliating purpose

Note: Not Just A sponge not be used for removing makeup