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Gold Flexible Color

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SpaRitual GOLD delivers technology that fuses Flexible Color with our Flexible Topcoat creating along-wearing, smudge resistant, high-shine finish that doubles the wear of your manicure. No lamp drying needed. No intense removal needed - just relaxing GOLD manicures.

Color: Shrewd* - Eggplant Plum

Shrewd* - Eggplant Plum
Creative - Neon Orange Crème
 Valued - Silver with Bronze
Heirloom - Gold
Adorn - Sheer Gold
Drop Dead Gorgeous* - Violet Shimmer
Strike A Pose* - Fuschia Pink Crème
Allure - Light Neon
 Adored - Light Neon Pink Crème
 Beautiful - Hot Pink with Blue Shimmer
Empowered - True Neon Pink Crème
Eternal - Dusty Pink Shimmer
Sublime* - Mint Pastel Crème
Mindful - Teal Neon Creme
 Smoke 'N Mirrors* - Grey Crème
Essential - White Crème
Artistic - Navy Blue Crème
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This GOLD Flexible Color™ system applies 75% faster and removes 85% faster than gels. GOLD dries 60% faster than a traditional manicure, and contains a smudge repairing technology that is self-leveling and correcting


Step 1, cleanse the nail with alcohol to remove oils and residue and apply GOLD Flexible Color. 
Step 2, apply GOLD Flexible Topcoat and enjoy a manicure that will double the wear time. 
**To further extend wear, reapply Flexible Topcoat after three days. 

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