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Karuna Revivify+ Eye & Cheek Mask

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Made from Japanese Sheer Cotton Fibers and combined with butterfly design and Lock-to-Skin Mechanism, the higher percentage of hyaluronic acid and peptides are injected into the cheeks and eyes. Don’t have time for a full sheet mask? Grab our butterfly Mask to restore and keep your skin glowing.

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Combining 4 major technologies and 5 special elements, the mask collection helps enhance the repairing effect, and it is renowned as the advanced version of Karuna Luxe Collection.

4 Major Technologies in Karuna Revivify+ Mask Collection:

Most Accurate – Hydro GPS

Featuring Smart Technology, the Revivify Collection has Hydro GPS to seek out and infuse hydration to the most dehydrated areas on your skin.


Most Punctual – Self Timer

The time’s right when the mask turns white. The self-timer always tells you the time punctually when all the serum has been fully absorbed. 


Most Fit – Lock-to-Skin Mechanism

Each mask has a lock-to-skin mechanism that applies sheer, almost invisible, to provide the best possible fit and stay even in a cartwheel.


Most Tough – Japanese Sheer Cotton Fibers  

Japanese sheer cotton are made with delicately woven cotton fibers but are tear resistant. Long fibers allow the mask to be adjusted to fit all         faces without tearing.


5 Elements in Karuna Revivify+ Mask Collection:

 Most Energized – Probiotics 

Probiotics improve the microbial balance of the skin, activate cells and regulate immunity by improving barrier function.


Most Elastic – Hydrolyzed Collagen   

Hydrolyzed collagen is essential for human metabolism. It penetrates into the dermis and delays aging, increases skin elasticity and water retention capacity.


Most Nutritious – Coconut Water

Coconut water contains 94% natural water and electrolytes, which quickly solve the problem of water shortage. Besides, coconut water also has anti-aging effect, giving the skin a youthful glow.


Most Moisturized – Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a key element in maintaining skin's moisture. Hyaluronic acid increases the moisture content of the skin, leaving with elasticity and luster.


 Most Anti-oxidized – 3 different Peptides

3 different types of Peptides are included to help the look of aging skin and promote elasticity.