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Oh, Glow On Face Mask

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Indulge in a serious moisture surge with a
mask as sweet as you are. Our Green TeaInfused Sheet Mask contains enriching
ingredients like golden pineapple, vitamin C,
and coffee cherry to immensely hydrate your
skin while protecting collagen synthesis, giving
you a little "me time" mixed with "tea time."
You'll like it even more when this
biodegradable mask is applied to your face for
a sweet glow and boost of brightness.

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Golden Pineapple
Natural Exfoliating agent to reveal brighter skin.

Citrus Fruits
Loaded with Vitamin C. Helps to brighten and provides elasticity to skin.

Coffee Cherry
Contains high levels of polyphenols and phenolic acids to provide antioxidant protection.

Golden pineapple, citrus fruits, 
coffee cherry, and blueberries. 

Gently unfold mask and place cloth side on face.

Remove backing and adjust to custom fit.

Relax and enjoy the treatment for 10-20 minutes.

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