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Holiday Sets

Or Tea Tea 2 The World Mailer

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Want to have a taste of our full collection in one go? This would be the perfect pick for you! Including all of our 15 flavours in this Jumbo Sachet Combo pack, I'm sure you will find your cup of tea!

Set Includes:

  • Dragon Well with Osmanthus (Green Tea)
  • Mount Feather (Green Tea)
  • Monkey Pinch (Oolong Tea)
  • Lychee White Peony (White Tea)
  • Towering Kung Fu (Black Tea)
  • Slimming Pu'er (Black Tea with Marigold flowers)
  • Ginseng Beauty (Green Tea)
  • EnerGinger (Herbal Tea)
  • Beeeee Calm (Camomile Tea)
  • Merry Peppermint (Herbal Tea)
  • Queen Berry (Fruit Tea)
  • TropiCoco (Fruit Tea)
  • Duke's Blues (Earl Grey Tea)
  • Tiffany's Breakfast (Breakfast Tea)

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