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2019 Holiday Sets

Volcanic Spa

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Set includes:

•Volcanic Clay - Konjac Face Sponge x 1
•Bamboo Charcoal - Konjac Body Sponge x 1

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Volcanic Clay Konjac Face Sponge - infused with volcanic scoria gently exfoliates, has active antiaging properties and super soothing. Due to its highbacterial properties, scoria is said to be hugely beneficial and powerful in calming skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis etc. Say bye-bye to flare-ups and itching sensations!

Bamboo Charcoal Body sponge has the added benefit of a super activated carbon 'carbo activatus' which offers a powerful and highly absorptive cleansing!

We love it because it's: 

•  Cleansing and boosting nutrients at the same time

•   Gently massages and exfoliates the skin

•   Use with or without cleanser

•   Alkalinity Nature, pH Balanced

•  100% colour additive free

•   100% free of synthetic cosmetic ingredients

•   100% vegetable

•   100% biodegradable


1. Put Not Just A sponge into the water, re-pressing
2. Not Just A sponge will become bigger after absorbing enough amount of water, becoming very soft just like Souffle, massage the skin directly using the sponge (without using any cleanser / Body Wash).

Tips: Semi-wet the Not Just A sponge and use it as an exfoliating purpose

Note: Not Just A sponge not be used for removing makeup