Established in 2005, A Beauty Bar has always believed in Natural Health & Beauty. We search worldwide for high-quality Skincare products (Vegan Products) and healthy lifestyle brands,

providing a one-stop professional spot offering good quality beauty products and services.  We aim to serve our customers with happiness and healthy life quality.


After 2020, let's rethink and adapt to the beauty life of fashionable women, bringing a "new norm" and "new attitude": in addition to paying more attention to personal hygiene, cleansing,

also focusing on physical and mental health, caring for our families, cruelty-free products. It helps us redefine Beauty, which includes Natural Beauty and Green Beauty.

The pursuit extends to every detail of life, with external Beauty and a more healthy, beautiful attitude towards life.


從2005 成立至今, A Beauty Bar向來崇尚天然健康,在世界各地搜羅高品質且優質的 有機美容護膚產品 (Organic Products) (Vegan Products) 以及健康生活品牌,提供一站式的專業美容優質生活產品及服務 !

務求照顧 好每一位客人的 身、心靈 的健康舆美麗。


深受疫情影響的2020後,讓我們重新思考以及調整 適應 時尚女性的美容生活,帶來一個「新常態」「新態度 」:除更注重個人衛生外,注重身心靈健康,愛護自己家人,愛惜地球愛護動物 (Cruelty Free) ,

也是幫助我們對《美》作下重新定義 ,這包括 (Clean Beauty)無污染,及(Green Beauty)綠色美容產品 的追求延伸到生活的每一個細節上,擁有外在美的同時,更有健康、美麗的生活